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Low Frequency Loudspeakers
Nov 26, 2018

For a variety of different speakers, the requirements for the quality factor--q0 value of low-frequency speakers are different. For closed and inverted boxes, the Q0 value is generally the best between 0.3~0.6. In general, the larger the caliber, magnet, and ring diameter of the low-frequency speaker, the better the low frequency replay performance, transient characteristics, and the higher the sensitivity. The structure of the bass unit is mostly conical basin type, but also a small number of flat plate type. The bass unit has a wide range of vibrating membranes, such as aluminum alloy vibrating film, aluminum magnesium alloy vibration film, ceramic diaphragm, carbon fiber diaphragm, bulletproof cloth vibration film, glass fiber diaphragm, acrylic diaphragm, paper diaphragm and so on. The use of aluminum alloy vibration film, glass fiber vibrating film Bass Unit general caliber is small, the power is relatively large, and the use of reinforced paper basin, glass fiber vibrating film bass unit replay music when the tone is more accurate, the overall balance is good.

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