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How The Alarm Works
Nov 26, 2018

The infrared transmitter drives the infrared light-emitting diode to emit a noisy, modulated infrared beam. At a certain distance from the infrared transmitter, an infrared receiver is placed at the alignment with it. It receives the infrared radiation energy found by the transmitter through the photosensitive transistor, and transforms it into an electrical signal through photoelectric conversion abstraction.

This electrical signal is properly treated and then sent to the alarm controller circuit. The optical system, which is placed in the receiving and starting respectively, generally uses an optical lens, which acts to focus the infrared beam into a finer parallel beam so that the energy of the infrared light can be transmitted centrally. Infrared light in the invisible spectrum range of people, some people pass through this invisible sealing line, it is inevitable that all or part of the infrared beam shielding. The strength of the electrical signal output from the receiving end will change as a result, thus starting the alarm controller to send an alarm signal. Infrared to the ejection alarm is characterized by a very high detection reliability.

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