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Advantages Of Aluminum Alloy Lamp Rod
Nov 26, 2018

1. good anti-corrosion performance

2. Maintenance-Free

3. light quality, convenient transportation and installation

4. the surface treatment method is rich

5. longer than iron lamp rod and FRP lamp rod Life

6. can be 100% recycled, and smelting temperature is low, energy saving and emission reduction

7. can use plug-in installation method

8. smaller than the amplitude of FRP lamp rod

Aluminum alloy lamp rod shortcomings: relative to the iron lamp rod, aluminum alloy lamp rod strength is relatively low, but can be through the later heat treatment, so that the strength of aluminum alloy lamp rod to reach the standard of T6. Because aluminum alloy lamp rod specific other lamp poles incomparable many advantages, so in Europe and the US and other developed countries, aluminum alloy lamp rod has been very common use, at present is still in the initial stage.

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