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Main types of speakers
Nov 26, 2018

There are many kinds of speakers, according to its energy exchange principle can be divided into electric (that is, dynamic ring type), electrostatic (that is, capacitive), electromagnetic (that is, Tongue reed), piezoelectric (that is, crystal type) and so on, the latter two are mostly used in rural cable networks;

These are often used as combination speakers in the speakers.

According to the mechanism of transducer and structural split-type (electric), capacitive (electrostatic), piezoelectric (crystal or ceramic), electromagnetic (pressure spring type), electro-ionic and pneumatic speakers, electric speakers have the advantages of good electro-acoustic performance, firm structure, low cost and so on, and are widely used.

According to the acoustic radiation material split paper basin type, cylinder type, diaphragm type, according to the shape of the paper basin divided into round, oval, double paper basin and rubber folding ring, according to the working frequency of bass, midrange, treble, some are also divided into tape recorder special, TV dedicated, ordinary and high-fidelity speakers, etc., according to the sound ring impedance divided into low impedance and high impedance The speakers are divided into built-in speakers and external speakers, while the outer speakers are generally referred to as the speakers. The built-in speaker means that the MP4 player has a built-in horn so that the user can listen to the sound of the MP4 player not only through the headphone jack but also through the built-in speakers. The MP4 player with built-in speakers allows you to avoid the inconvenience of wearing headphones for long periods of time without external speakers.

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