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Installation tips for Speakers
Nov 26, 2018

Cylindrical speakers are still widely used in some bazaars in rural areas and towns, and once the sound film of the cylindrical speaker is lost, it is necessary to ensure the correct installation of the position of the sound film. The following describes a method that can be more easily solved.

The installation can be done in two steps. The first step, select the appropriate thickness of paper, cut two loose ~10mm, length than the diameter of the center piece 20mm note. Then place the two notes perpendicular to each other on the center piece (position to be taken). To prevent them from moving, use a little paste to stick them. Insert the ends of the note into the magnetic gap. Align the sound ring on the sound film to the magnetic gap and press it down gently. Due to the existence of the note, the position of the sound circle is just in the middle of the magnetic gap, and will not be skewed. On the edge of the sound film on the measurement coated with universal glue, and the top cover of the sound head is well covered. For the positive screw hole, tighten the snail. And remember the relative position of the upper cover and the sound head in the appropriate position. Place for 8 hours, after the universal adhesive is completely dry, you can unscrew the screws and remove the upper cover.

At this point, the sound film has been glued to the upper cover. The second step is to weld the lead to the wiring column. Remove the two notes, then put the upper cover back, pay attention to the original mark. At this time can be used multimeter RX block or 1.5V dry battery, while constantly touching the two wiring column, emitting  "kerala " sound, while tapping the upper cover, to  "kerala " sound up to the largest, and there is no friction sound, you can gradually tighten the fixing screws. When screwing screws, the screw should be rotated symmetrically, and the second screw should not be tightened after a screw has been screwed tightly.

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