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    Hilmo was founded in 1998 and devotes to researching developing, producing and selling Warning Lights, Siren, Speaker, Vehicle illumination, Work light etc. Its product ranges covers 22 categories more than 200 products.

    Product Categories

    Product Categories


    • CTSE 2018 In Chengdu

      The 10th China International Road of Traffic Security Products Expo & Traffic Police Equipment Exhibition,

    • The 14th. Automechanika Shanghai 2018

      The Automechanika is holding from Nov. 28th. to Dec. 1st. In National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai.

    • The Composition Of The Speaker

      ​Speaker is a kind of transducer device which converts electrical signal into acoustic signal, and the performance

    • Medium Frequency Speaker

      Generally speaking, as long as the frequency response curve is flat, the effective frequency range is greater than the width of the acoustic

    • Low Frequency Loudspeakers

      ​For a variety of different speakers, the requirements for the quality factor--q0 value of low-frequency speakers are different.

    • Basic Features Of Loudspeakers

      1.The speaker has two terminal (two leads), when the single speaker is used when the two pins do not match the positive and negative polarity

    • How The Alarm Is Installed

      Depending on the position set by the transmitter and receiver, the receiver is divided into the type of mounting mode

    • How The Alarm Works

      The infrared transmitter drives the infrared light-emitting diode to emit a noisy, modulated infrared beam.

    • Classification Of Alarms

      According to the principle of sound different points are:

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